Fill Your Easter Baskets Without Leaving Your House!

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easter basket filled with eggs

It’s getting to close to our favorite spring holiday and if you’re like me, you’re thinking about how to fill the kids’ Easter baskets. But if you have multiple kids of different ages, that can be a time-consuming endeavor with multiple trips to different stores to find the perfect gift.

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I’ve taken the work out of it for you by pulling together a list of all that you’ll need for great Easter baskets. And the best news is that everything I’ve found is on Amazon, so if you’re a Prime member you can get it in a day or two. You can knock out your Easter shopping and then spend your valuable time taking care of other “must do” family items.

For us, Easter is not a “big gift” holiday like Christmas. But buying several small gifts for each child and filling a basket can be just as complicated. Young kids are often measuring their baskets’ contents against their siblings’. And although we always try not to go nuts on candy, we usually end up giving them more than we planned.

Here are some ideas to help you pull together some fantastic Easter baskets with little effort!

Easter Baskets

First, of course, are the baskets. I’m southern, so if it isn’t tied down I monogram it. Naturally, I love monogrammed Easter baskets that come in lots of color combinations and fabrics, or even in buckets.


At the end of the day, I think kids probably care more about what’s in their basket than what it looks like, so if you aren’t into monogramming or don’t want to spend the extra money, I wouldn’t overthink it. There are plenty of other options. You can easily find a traditional straw basket, a cute plastic basket, or a cute fabric basket.


Once you’ve picked out your Easter baskets, you’ll need some filler like grass. There are a million different kinds of grass to choose from:  paper, biodegradable, crinkled, even edible.



So that we aren’t just throwing candy in the baskets, we keep plastic eggs to reuse each year and fill them each with a few pieces of candy.

For us, it’s part of the tradition that the kids receive some sort of chocolate Easter bunny and some jelly beans. I usually also throw in a Cadbury egg and some pastel Hershey kisses and Reese’s minis.

And I’m sure my parents dreaded the sugar rush that came with these marshmallow eggs, but Easter baskets wouldn’t be the same without them. Kids always love gag candy. What could be better than some pure-sugar cotton candy bunny farts?

And maybe it’s just my nostalgia, but I used to love getting these type of beautifully crafted panoramic sugar eggs.



We try to get one “nice” gift and several small gifts. But even the “nice” gift isn’t huge. We save Christmas and birthdays for the big gifts.

For the littles out there, finding some cute toys, a small stuffed animal, and a coloring book can be great ways to fill Easter baskets. For tweens, you can look at everything from nail polish and face masks to video games or a baseball or small basketball.

Perhaps a tee shirt or socks from their favorite sports team (our boys love pretty much anything Steph Curry and the Warriors).  We also like to make sure our kids of all ages each have a book in their basket.

You can even find pre-filled Easter eggs with small gifts inside ranging from dinosaurs to toy cars and trucks to little stuffed bunnies:


Here are a few ideas for the smaller kids:

A LEGO Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit.    Mad Libs Easter Eggstravaganza.    Butterfly magnet decorating kit.    God Gave Us Easter book.   Wooden Percussion Easter Eggs.    A Soft, Plush Stuffed Easter Bunny.   Magna Doodle Board.   Doodle Drawing MatIt’s Not Easy Being A Bunny book

For kids ranging between 8-15, here are some finds:


Popsocket for his/her phone.    Slinky.    A Card Game. Nail Polish Set.  Hair Scrunchies. Fun socks. LED light up gloves. Cell phone camera lenses. Pura Vida Bracelets.

I hope this gives you a great starting point for your Easter baskets. Comment below with additional ideas!!



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