25 Gifts For Your Teen Girl That Are Guaranteed To Be A Hit!

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holiday gifts for your teen

Are you sweating it out looking for holiday gifts for your teen girl? Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy for. I remember how completely unsatisfied I was with almost everything when I was a teen. Am I right?

But because I love a good challenge, and a good gift idea list(!), I’ve done some digging, and have come up with 25 awesome holiday gifts for your teen that are sure to put a smile on her face on Christmas morning. Or her birthday. Or a random Friday. And they’re all reasonably priced (okay, for the most part!).

So let’s dive in.

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Scrunchies are back. In a big way. These silk scrunchies are billed to help keep her hair healthy and not pull and tug the way elastic bands do.

 If you have a new driver on your hands, how about a book with information that might be helpful for them.

Whether you want to encourage it or not is up to you, but the fact is that an overwhelming majority of teen girls are obsessed with selfies.

So for your selfie-addicted teen, how about a little ring light that affixes to her phone to ensure she’s always got the best lighting going on?

Our teen loves to use makeup and to her credit, she’s very judicious with it. But if your teenager wants to try out new looks, getting a fun eyeshadow palette is an easy, cheap option that’s sure to give her hours of fun.

Add to it a brush set like this EcoTools set. She can start the day beautifully with these cruelty-free makeup brushes made from recycled aluminum and plastic.

Does she enjoy writing in her journal?

If so, how about some feather styled pens that will make her feel extra creative.

Or just extra ūüôā

 Our teen loves fun socks. And sushi.

So I love these sushi socks that come completely styled in a sushi gift box.


This faux fur blanket is sure to keep her warm during the winter. And fancy up her room just a bit!

The ’80s are back. And if there’s any doubt, check out this geometric backpack. What a statement piece for her to take her binders and books back and forth to her locker.

¬†And here’s a super versatile set of nine simple and chic earrings.

Whether she wants to go dressy with pearls or rhinestone or have something to wear with jeans like turquoise or gold, with nine pairs she can wear a different pair every day of the week.



Make sure she never misplaces a ring again with this adorable sloth ring holder.

And if she’s looking for fun room decor, how about this fun¬†neon cloud?

(I’m not saying I would put this in my room, but hey, I’m a long way away from my teen years.

I’m sure my teen self would have loved this – especially since the 80s are back, right?!).


Or if she’s into more discreet lighting options, how about these soft white twinkly fairy lights. All 66 feet of them!¬†Along those lines, how about this adorable LED Kitty Night Light? It’s touch control, so she can turn it on and then just touch it to change the color of the light. It’s a night light or just a fun room decoration!

Also for her room, how about one of these custom pillows on her bed. It’s a reversible sequin pillow that she can add her favorite photo to. Just brush your hand over it and the sequins flip to reveal the photo. How cool is that?

These pillows also come in funny patterns. Like Buddy the Elf, Dwight Shrute from The Office, Danny Devito, and even The Big Lebowski.

Even if she’s a jewelry minimalist, she’s bound to love this cute initial necklace. She could even layer it with other initials. Or longer necklaces.

Is she a Harry Potter fan? Check out this adorable Harry Potter cauldron mug. I want this for myself!

Is your teen asking to get piercings in parts of the ear (or body, yikes) that seem really painful? (okay, showing my age here)

How about compromising with these little ear cuffs¬†that give her the look of an upper ear earring, but won’t be painful. Or permanent.

Is she a VSCO girl? (If you don’t know what that is, check here. You might find you’ve been living with a VSCO girl without even knowing it!) If so, she’s got to have a Hydro Flask¬†for all her stickers!

Now to be a true VSCO girl, she’ll also need a shell choker¬†and some Crocs¬†(white, naturally).

And of course some Pura Vida string bracelets in various color combinations. At just under $10 a pop, it’s the most you’ll pay for string, but the girls love them!

Here’s another idea if she’s looking to change up her room decor. This DIY picture collage will let her hang pictures, cards, letters on her wall.

Or cut out photos of Justin Beiber (or whoever – in my day it was Johnny Depp. 21 Jump Street anyone? Anyone?).

And if she’s wanting to take some instant photos to hang, how about the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant camera? It prints little photos instantly and I guarantee it will be a hit.

We put out a similar camera out for guests to use at our wedding reception. And they all had fun with it!

I really hope this has given you some great ideas as you search out holiday gifts for your teen. Please comment below if you have any other ideas I should add to the mix!



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