The Complete Pet Lover’s Gift Guide

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Do you have someone in your life who is obsessed with their pets? Or maybe the pet lover is, ahem, you? (okay, I may have some experience in being pet-obsessed!

I love nothing better than finding the perfect present, and I know we all love our little furry friends like family. So naturally, I have compiled the complete pet lover’s gift guide. Whether you’re looking for a practical gift or something a little wacky, we’ve done the research and found a ton of options for you. Enjoy!

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The Pop-Up Pee Pad is for anyone struggling to train their puppy. I’ve got to be honest here. I haven’t used this and don’t know if it works or not. But I had to include it because it sure is cute. If you have used it or decide to use it, I’d love to hear how you like it!

This isn’t your ordinary dog bed. With memory foam, the Casper Dog Bed helps ease your dog’s aches and pains and gives them a comfortable place to nap.

The Wickebone Smart Bone automates dog bones.

Yes, I’m serious. It has interactive auto play modes, or you can control it from your phone.

Its description says it’s durable. For my prissy little dog, it probably would be. But I’m not at all sure how it would hold up against a lab or other large dog.

But if it’s worth just under $100 to you, you could find out!

A much cheaper problem solver is this Highwave AutoDogMug. One of the most annoying things when I take my dog out for the day is dealing with his water.

I’ve tried collapsible dishes and water bottles, but if he doesn’t drink all of what I’ve put in his dish, then I’m pouring it out. Or hoping it doesn’t get too messy in the car.

This water bottle gives you control over how much you give him – and if he doesn’t drink it all, the water goes easily back into the bottle. And it fits in the drink holder of your car.

If you want to make sure Fido stays dry during bad weather, you can’t go wrong with this fashionable dog rain jacket. It comes in all sizes and has velcro fittings so it’s easy to get on and off.

It might seem silly to put a raincoat on your dog – but if you’ve ever dealt with a sopping wet, long-haired dog after a walk, you’ll know why I’m including this on the list. There’s nothing quite like the smell of wet dog.
Or if your dog is a little fancier, you could get this snazzy puppy umbrella to keep him dry on stormy days. It comes in different sizes and there’s even one with LED lights on the handle to help you see at night.

Amazing what they think of!

Speaking of things you didn’t know they made, how about a stroller for your pup? This can come in handy if you have an elderly fellow who wants to get outside but can’t handle the rigors of a daily walk.

Or if you just have a little guy who you just don’t want to work too hard, you can pop him in here and take him out on the mean streets.

For encouraging your dog to exercise, these sturdy Chuckit! balls come in all sizes and should hold up to even the toughest game of fetch.

If you want to make sure your dog is safe at night, how about this Blazin’ Safety LED dog collar? It’s rechargeable, comes in a bunch of colors, and boasts of 350-yard visibility.

For the dog owner who loves their dog and really no one else, how about a t-shirt that announces her feelings?

What dog doesn’t love to receive treats? We can’t even say the “t” word in our house without our dog going nuts.

These gourmet cookies from Claudia’s Canine Cuisine will be a special treat for your pooch for the holidays.

They’re made from 100% USA human-grade ingredients and have no preservatives, no animal by-products, and no fillers.


For the high tech-inclined, how about this Furbo Dog Camera.

Seen on the Ellen Show, it’s got a wifi pet camera complete with two-way audio, so you can not only monitor your pet on your phone but toss them a treat, as well.

Do you have a preppy pooch? Then this bowtie and collar set is for him. It comes in a ton of different patterns, and in sizes to fit both little and big dogs. And cats, too (see below).

Of course, if your dog is truly fancy, you could check out a little bowtie and cuff set like this one.

Do you have a hard time getting your dog to stay still when you’re trying to groom or bathe him? The Aquapaw Slow Treater Treat Dispenser keeps him occupied while you take care of keeping him clean.

Speaking of keeping clean, if you worry about your dog’s muddy paws tracking all over the house as I do, you might try the Paw Plunger. You just dip his paws in and the soft bristles inside do the dirty work. Pretty handy!



Talk about keeping it simple. This “rainbow cat charmer” is literally a string on a stick – but it’s by far my cat’s favorite toy.

I’m serious. He plops down next to it when he wants to play. And he’ll occasionally grab the end of the string in his mouth and drag it around the house.

Playing with cats is one thing. But the worst part about owning a cat has got to be the litter. So how about a gift that lets your favorite cat owner worry about their feline’s toilet just a little less?

This automatic, self-cleaning cat litter box keeps the mess and smell at bay and cleans out the box automatically. It’s a win-win.

For your favorite “cat lady,” how about a t-shirt so she can tell everyone how she really feels.



If you have cats, then you’ve experienced the dreaded hairball or three. I know I have and there are few things worse to witness.

I have not tried this one, but it’s definitely on my Christmas list. A Cat Grass Growing Kit so you can grow your own organic solution to hairballs and stomach upsets.

Is your cat fancy? If so, you must consider this collar and bow tie set. I put my cat in a bow tie for special occasions and he really is the cutest. You can check out my social media for pics) 

This set comes in a bunch of different sizes and patterns. (and yes, you can buy it for dogs, too – see above!)

If you want to make sure people know what they’re in for before they enter your house, how about this Mud Pie Doormat that makes it totally clear?

Here’s a chance to make some unusual, cat-shaped ice cubes with this ice cube tray.

Or you can use the mold to shape chocolates, candy, jellies, or soaps. The feline possibilities are endless!

I’m not going to lie, my cat is a cat scratch failure. He started out using a cat scratch tower but eventually proceeded to scratch whatever the good Lord put in front of him. Usually our carpet.

So this isn’t for everyone. But it’s a sturdy way to give your cat something to aspire to.

Or if you think that one a little too boring looking for your big-personality kitty, try this coconut tree-shaped scratching post.

It comes in two sizes, and he’ll feel like he’s out in the great outdoors scratching on a real tree.

Well, maybe. Okay, probably not.

But it’s fun for his humans to watch.

What’s even more fun for humans to watch is when your cat goes nuts chasing something imaginary. The SmartyKat electronic motion cat toy is an actual feather that replicates the moves of hidden pray on its own. It will keep your cat entertained for hours.

Or try this interactive butterfly that can rotate 360 degrees and moves around constantly. Get ready for your cat’s instinct to prey to kick in!

How about some cat office supplies? There are cute cat-shaped paper clips, cat pens, and cat-shaped post-it notes and page tabs. There’s even a cat scotch tape dispenser.

Household Gifts For The Pet Lover

If you are looking for cute coffee spoons, look no further. These cute kitty cat spoons will hang on the edge of your mug ready to use.

If you’ve got pets, the struggle to de-furrify your house is real. Here’s a ChomChom roller that will let you throw out all the rolls of sticky tape you’ve been using in the past.

It is re-usable and you just roll it over your furniture to collect all the hair.

If the roller doesn’t do the trick, check out this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum. Bissell is known for its quality and they offer several other products that deal with pets and their, ahem, messes.

If you want to try to tackle the mess on the front end, try Pogi’s Grooming Wipes. They’re billed as earth-friendly and hypoallergenic. They help reduce dander and allergens in cats and are great to use on dogs to freshen them up a bit in between baths.


On a more pleasant pets note, how about an animal-shaped mini waffle maker? It’s a nonstick waffle maker that lets you make seven different animal-shaped mini waffles.

It will be fun for the kids and, let’s face it, adults, too. Yum.


For the cat lover in your life, how about this cute microfiber hair towel with cat ears? It comes in a two-pack so she can keep one at home and one at the gym.



And for the lover of both dogs and wine, how about a stainless steel stemless wine tumbler to express that love? How many nights is this statement true?

Too many, I’m guessing 🙂

Do you feel guilty when it comes time to shove the cat into the cat carrier? How about this Cloverpet Luxury Bubble Sporty Pet Carrier travel backpack?

It’s a space-age version of the cat carrier – complete with a bubble that gives your cat a clear view of the world around them.

Maybe this will make vet visits a little less yowl-y when the times comes?

If you need your pet just a little bit closer to you, try a sweatshirt with a “pet pocket” that lets you carry your furry loved one on your person all day long. Or a sling-style bag that will hold pets up to 15 pounds.







If you want to remember your pets forever, how about making a couple of these cute pawprint ornaments? This would be a fun holiday activity to do with your kids, and a way to make sure your animal is always with you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list. I sure had fun putting it together. And I hope it helps you locate the perfect gift for your favorite pet lover. Or, ahem, your pet.

And if you have a favorite pet toy or product that I’ve forgetten, please comment below and let me know.

Happy shopping!


gift guide for pet lovers

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