25 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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While Mother’s Day can be complicated for stepmoms, celebrating Father’s Day in a blended family is usually a little easier.

And it can be an opportunity for you to bond with your stepchildren. You can help the kids celebrate their dad by planning a fun day and letting them help you find some fun gifts.

But let’s be honest. Dads (okay, men in general) are hard to buy for. Every holiday I ask my husband Craig what he’d like and every response is something along the lines of, “I have everything I want. I don’t need anything.”

Yeah, super helpful!

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So because I’m always struggling to find the right things for him, I’ve gone ahead and found some great Father’s Day gift ideas for you to use, too! And because I didn’t want this to get too long, I also pulled together a list on Etsy you can check out for even more unique gift ideas.

The Grillmaster

Is he a grillmaster? Check out some of these fun things he can use next time he wants to fire up the grill.Father's Day gift ideas

This waxed canvas apron is perfectly manly for the kitchen or the grill. And y’all know I love a good monogram!

If he’s got a mini-me in the kitchen, you could also check out this father-son customizable apron set.Father's Day gifts Does he roll his eyes every quarter when your Fab Fit Fun box arrives (and if you aren’t yet getting them, you need to click here immediately)?

Well, he can get his own box each month if you sign him up for the Grill Masters Club.

He’ll become a better pitmaster with the monthly box of grilling goodness delivered to your door.

Sauces, rubs, marinades, wood chips, recipes, grilling accessories. He’ll love experimenting and you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of his labors. A win-win!

Does he love bacon? (let’s be honest, who doesn’t!) How about a bacon of the month club. Yes, seriously!

The Sentimentalist

This leather keychain is a cute, manly way for him to sneak a look at his little princess, or his queen, throughout the day. It is customizable for monogramming and the number of photos.

Is he a concert or a music lover? How about this neat ticket stub organizer to help him preserve his memories of favorite bands and concerts?

This sculpted, hand painted figure of a father with his daughter is sure to give him the feels.How about a digital photo frame for his office? I got this Nixplay digital frame last year and was amazed at how far digital frames have come. I love watching the photos scroll by, reminding me of fun times with family and friends.

The Athlete

I’m not going to lie. I know nothing about Pickleball. But people seem to love it. And if he is into sports, it could be a fun one for him to try.

Apple AirPods are awesome for his workouts. I use mine on the daily and they’re truly great. How about some Stan Smiths? We surprised my husband with these for his birthday and I’ve honestly never seen him so excited about a gift!

And an Apple Watch is the perfect gift to help him track his progress. They start at just over $200 depending on the model and features.

If he plays golf, this personalized golf glove comes with a personalized, magnetic ball marker. It’s sure to up his game.

Or he might enjoy a classic monogrammed golf towel

The Metro Dad

If he wants to maintain perfect manscaping, how about this little device? Yep, it’s a back hair shaver. Honestly, I didn’t even know this kind of thing existed, but I’m guessing there are some guys out there who would thank me for suggesting it to you.
Or this cool looking full shave set for the guy who tackles it old-school.

The Traveler

Summer is the perfect time for road trips, especially as states are opening back up. Here is a book with drives in every state and 10 Canadian provinces. And it’s got thousands of ideas for activities and things to do along the way.

This backpack has it all. It’s got a charger built-in and all the room and pockets that the travel and gear-loving dad will want.

Or if he is more of the roughing-it type, this Osprey weather-proof duffel/backpack might be right up his alley. (it comes in a good variety of colors)

The Gadgeteer

If he loves gadgets, there are a number of devices that use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses. In these times, this might be a super useful gift.

Record players are all the rage these days. What’s old is new again, I guess? Bring back some nostalgia for him with this awesome retro record player and a few classic albums.

I have a pair of these Bose noise-canceling headphones and cannot tell you how awesome they are. I had the previous model and then my husband got me this version for Christmas. Whether he travels and needs to drown out a noisy plane or if he just needs to drown out the kids to do a conference call at home, these headphones are outstanding.

For Him To Use Around The House

When he’s ready to relax, Amazon has some great two-person hammocks that come complete with stands.We’ve used Sonos speakers in our house for a long time and they’re great. He can put one in each room and jam out when he’s working at the computer, slaving over the stove, or pumping iron in the garage.I’m not a tool guru, but I think this 8-in-1 wheelbarrow/dolly is pretty cool. It can be used as a dolly, a wheelbarrow, and you can get attachments to turn it into a wagon for moving plants around.

Perfect for hauling man-stuff in the backyard, amiright?Does he do work around the house? This magnetic wristband is the coolest. It’s got 15 powerful magnets to hold screws and nails while he’s working around the house.
I hope this list has given you some great Father’s Day gift ideas! Comment below if you have any other suggestions. I’d love to hear them!



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