48 Gift Ideas For Her Big Milestone

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When I turned forty, I officially crossed “over the hill” and celebrated the first of my “milestone” birthdays. I remember when I was a kid thinking that forty was soo old. Now, of course, it feels quite young. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

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That all being said, we should celebrate these big milestones in our lives. You only turn forty, or fifty, or seventy, or whatever – once. Let’s make the most of it for ourselves and for our girlfriends.

I’ve had a few girlfriends ask me to compile some ideas for those big “milestone” birthdays. So I’ve rounded up some ideas for you here. The best part about this list is that every single one of these ideas can be found on Amazon. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m also a believer in easy shopping)

If your gal pal is a wine drinker:

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  1. Insulated stainless steel wine tumbler perfect for the patio
  2. Wine lovers gift basket
  3. Wine purse that discreetly holds and dispenses 2 bottles of wine
  4. Set of two stainless steel wine goblets
  5. Metal monogram wine cork holder
  6. Wine glass pens with wash-off ink to personalize wine glasses
  7. Stainless steel wine chillers
  8. A handpainted wine glass celebrating her milestone or her favorite team
  9. A clever wine-related t-shirt
  10. A cheeseboard and cutlery set
  11. A wine book to teach her everything she needs to know
  12. A portable wine caddy so she can sip while relaxing in the bath

If you really want to call out her “over the hill” status:

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4. 5. 6.
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  1. Wine tumbler with her year of birth
  2. A t-shirt to let everyone know when she was born
  3. A poster you can fill in with all the reasons you love her
  4. A bead bracelet with a birthday message
  5. A crown and sash so everyone will know it’s her big day
  6. Nostalgic candy that was sold the year of her birth
  7. Feminine decorations that still remind her how old she is
  8. A gag book about getting older
  9. Get the dog in on the action with a dog shirt
  10. A photo collage frame to commemorate their big day
  11. Because who doesn’t need a mug to remind them they’re old every morning.
  12. Happy birthday bangle bracelet

If you’re looking for a more thoughtful gift:

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10. 11.  12.












  1. Alex and Ani Path of Life bangle bracelet to remind her we are all connected.
  2. This great book by Maria Shriver reflecting on what it is to have a meaningful life
  3. This cute baking dish set to remind her that everything is better with brownies
  4. A cable knit sweater blanket to keep her cozy
  5. Waterford Lismore sugar bud vase
  6. A classic Mariposa picture frame
  7. A Nest fragrance reed diffuser to remind her of relaxing days at the beach
  8. An at-home spa kit for her perfect spa day
  9. A waterproof, wireless speaker so she can enjoy her music at the beach, or wherever
  10. A personalized, acacia wood tv tray so she can eat breakfast in bed whenever she wants
  11. A dainty, handmade, mixed metal interlocking circles necklace.
  12. A pair of unique, handcrafted, 24k honeybee stud earrings

For a group gift to the birthday gal, or if you just want to splurge:

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  1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
  2. Coravin wine preservation system
  3. A giant Dyptique three-wick candle that will keep her house smelling amazing
  4. A Kendra Scott necklace and earring set
  5. A decorative book set featuring a Coco Chanel quote.
  6. A cool handmade 14k gold double band ring, perfect for layering or on its own
  7. A beautiful hammered silver cuff bracelet, personalized with a custom hidden message
  8. A virtually indestructible Longchamp travel duffel perfect for a weekend trip
  9. A set of coffee table books to feed her wanderlust or appreciation of the finer things
  10. A handmade, rustic leather tote bag to use for work or fun
  11. Put a bottle of bubbly in this MacKenzie Childs checked wine cooler and she’s sure to share it
  12. It may not be the most original gift, but an Amazon gift card will ensure she gets what she wants

I hope this has given you some great ideas to shop for your favorite gals pals’ milestone birthdays. I’d love to hear your thoughts – comment below if there’s anything I should add to the list!



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