Girl Power Quotes That Will Give You The Feels

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What does the phrase “girl power” mean to you? To me, it means a woman who has and recognizes her own strength. A gal who’s not afraid to kick butt in business and at home. A girl who is empowered. A woman who means business, you might say. Whatever the specific words I use may be, I think you get the drift.

I love sharing great quotes that I have found with others. When I see one that resonates with me, I save it to a board on Pinterest so I won’t forget it. And I love going back and re-reading quotes I’ve found.

The quotes that I love the most relate to inspiring strength in women. I like to call them my “girl power” quotes. Or “badass women” quotes. Or “you go, girl” quotes. Regardless of what you want to call them, when I read them they remind me how “badass” we all can be – and should be.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorites for you here. Each of these quotes offers a different little nugget of wisdom, humor, or both. And, whether they’re artfully composed, irreverent, snarky, or uplifting, each one of them will give you something to think about.

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If they inspire you, make you ponder, or just give you a smile, I really hope you’ll pin, tweet, or insta them. However you do it, I encourage you to share these quotes with other “badass women” who might enjoy them!



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Bella Abzug quote

dolly parton quote

Tyra Banks quote

Maya Rudolph quote

Tina Fey quote

Maraboli quote

Judy Garland quote

Marilyn Monroe quote

Melissa McCarthy quote

Taylor Swift quote

Julia Louis-Dreyfus quote

Sarah Silverman quote

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