5 Ways To Up Your Halloween Decorating Game When You Have No Time

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Halloween decorating with pumpkins

I start looking forward to Halloween decorating in about August. If you follow me on social media, y’all know by now that I love getting ready for the holidays.

But there are definitely years when procrastination rules and I’m scrambling to throw together some last-minute pumpkins or ghosts. Or years where I put everything up only to realize that there’s something major missing.

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So maybe you’ve waited until the last minute and can’t stomach getting out all your bins of decorations. Or you just need some ideas on how to refresh them. No worries. I’ve pulled together five ways you can conquer Halloween decorating at the last minute. Here we go!

1.   Get Creative With Your Skeletons.

I invested in a full skeleton, along with dog and bird skeletons, a couple of years ago and haven’t regretted it since. (Tip: You can get them on Amazon starting around $15) Last year, our skeleton was a “she” and boy was she fancy. I outfitted her in a boa and strings of pearls and beads and gave her a fascinator.

Halloween decorating skeletonThis year, we decided to go a little more “down-home” and put together a “dad” skeleton. Using our lawnmower, we put him out front mowing a ghostly yard. Both years it took us almost no time to get these together. My husband Craig loaned the skeleton some running shorts and a baseball cap, we used some twine to attach him to the lawnmower, and boom! Halloween decorating done!

Halloween decorating skeleton

Skeletons are great because you can come up with all kinds of ideas for how to arrange them. Scary or fun, they’re easy and can add a lot of character to your house every year!

2.  A Little Ribbon Can Go A Long Way.

If you’re sick of putting out the same old, same old decorations each year, a little ribbon can refresh an old item. For example, my birthday gifts this year were these super cute MacKenzie Childs pumpkins. Because let’s face it, Craig knows exactly whom he married.

I think they look great by themselves, but if you wanted to change up the look, you could add a ribbon. Easy peasy!

3.   Use Flowers And Gourds.

Flowers and gourds spruce up Halloween decorating in a pretty major way. Craig bought me some potted flowers and gourds from the grocery store. These are the perfect colors for fall and you can keep them inside or put them outside to complement your pumpkins and gourds.

fall flowers

This arrangement came from our grocery store. Keep it inside or add it to some pumpkins outside – either way, a cute Halloween decoration!

4.  Use Amazon!

Seriously, Amazon is the best. If you aren’t a member of Amazon Prime, you need to be immediately. In addition to all the great movies and music you’ll get access to, you’ll get speedy shipping – there are a ton of items they deliver same or next day. But back to Halloween. If you’re truly strapped for time, you can do almost all of your Halloween decorating using Amazon. Here are just a few things I found:

I love these Halloween banners. And the best part is that they require very little effort to put up. Hang them alone on either side of your door, or add them to a fancy Halloween front porch decor like this one:Halloween decorating banners

Put these 5-foot spider bad boys out on your lawn or crawling up the side of your house and you’re guaranteed to frighten some trick or treaters!

 You can throw out some of these friendly yard stake decorations lickety-split.Hang some of these grim reapers from your eves for a good scare.These are only a few of the options available on Amazon. If you’re trying to get decorations in a hurry, you should definitely do some browsing!

 5.   If All Else Fails, Go Minimalist.

If you really just can’t get it done this year, that’s okay! We aren’t all Martha Stewart all the time. And I know I’ve had years when the Halloween decorating has fallen by the wayside.

Life is about choices. And when you’re choosing between attending your kids’ sporting events or Halloween decorating, your holiday spirit has to fall to second place.

But it doesn’t mean your house has to be totally bare. Buy a couple of decorative pumpkins and some fall flowers the next time you’re at the grocery store and put them outside by your front door.

Or order up a cute Halloween garden flag like this one I found on Amazon and hang it on your way to get in the car for work (which is exactly what I did).

halloween decorating flag

It doesn’t have to be fancy – just putting out a little touch of orange pumpkin will make you feel more festive.

Halloween Decorating

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I hope these tips have been helpful as you work on Halloween decorating. If you’ve got any good suggestions of your own, I’d love to hear them – comment below!

And I hope you have a great Halloween season!!



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    All great ideas. I love the skeleton with the lawnmower.

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