Last week, we talked about new stepmoms – This week, I’m chatting with one of the OG stepmom coaches, Barb Goldberg, about how to stepmom through life’s transitions.

I’ve known Barb, aka the “evil stepmother,” for several years. She’s an accomplished writer, executive, and coach, and has been one of our most popular speakers at The Stepmom Summit every year. And when I was out in Arizona in May with Beth McDonough, we got to finally meet Barb in person and enjoy a wonderful dinner. 

We talked about stepmom life, our businesses, and everything in between. And you’re going to get a sample of all her amazingness in this episode.

About Barb:

Barb Goldberg is the author and owner of The Evil Stepmother Speaks website, blog, book, and podcast. As the stepmother to three children and the biological mom to one son, Barb has been through the trenches and understands the challenges of stepmother life. Now, her children are grown and she can look back and teach practical solutions while keeping you laughing along the way.

Barb has a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and is a certified Dr. Martha Beck life coach.

Barb spoke again at this year’s Stepmom Summit. [and by the way, if you missed the Stepmom Summit, you can still access presentations from this (and past) years HERE]. 

You can find Barb:

On Instagram: @evilstepmom

At and

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