Last episode, we had a great chat with Katie Davie about coparenting – and it’s such an important topic, we’re continuing the discussion this week.

Coparenting, both in your household and with your partner’s ex, can be loaded with stress. Today’s guest, stepmom Mikki Gardner, talks about what “conscious parenting” is and how you can be more intentional in your relationship with your spouse – and their ex.

About Mikki

Mikki Gardner is the host of the Co-Parenting With Confidence Podcast and a mom of 3 (her son and 2 bonus sons). After learning how to navigate life post divorce and using it as a catalyst to her own transformation, Mikki now helps moms move past the divorce drama to become calm, confident co-parents, even without their ex’s participation.
Mikki has built a wonderful relationship with her ex’s new partner and created a blended family where they can vacation together and raise happy children. She is on a mission to help women navigate the emotional and practical difficulties of divorce and co-parenting while creating an intentional, joy and an ease-filled life after divorce.
Mikki has offered my listeners a free masterclass on conscious coparenting, which you can find HERE.
You Can Find Mikki on Instagram and on her website.
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