Today’s episode features author Jo Dodd talking about her journey to kids book author and her most recent book, “Dear Mama Bear With The F*ed Up Hair.” She’s got some great lessons about family and why you don’t have to hold it together all the time. And her book is perfect for moms and stepmoms who are struggling to hold it all together.

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About Jo

Jo Dodd is an author, coach and mom of four. In 2020, after a 6-month furlough, she took a bold leap, stepping away from a leadership role in Corporate America, to launch Jotopia Productions, LLC, where she writes content that focuses on the power of positive thinking, embracing diversity, and crushing fear! 

Jo has published three children’s books in the past two years. Her most recent endeavor is a one-of-a-kind picture book for moms called ‘Dear Mama Bear with the F*cked Up Hair.’ This book that tells an authentic, poignant, dark, sometimes humorous story of motherhood which is based on Jo’s journey of silently battling depression. Jo is passionate about shining a light for any ‘Mama Bears’ struggling with the ever-increasing pressures of motherhood, and knows that this book will help them feel seen, heard and understood.
You can check out and purchase her book on Amazon HERE.
To find out more about Jo’s work, visit and follow her on Instagram @livinginjotopia 

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