It’s our FIFTIETH episode, can you believe it?!? And it’s a goodie – I’m talking to one of my OG business besties about mom life, the hot mess express, and rage rooms.

My guest is Nikki Oden, a lawyer and mom coach who teaches working moms how to battle burnout, own their days, and lose the mom guilt. She is the founder of Your Ideal Mom Life® and host of the Love Your Mom Life podcast. Nikki’s work has been featured in TODAY Parents, The Boston Globe, Cafe Mom, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Kidspot, and more.

Not only are we talking about all the “mom life” things, we’re talking about why stepmoms might enjoy a trip to the rage room – yes, it’s a real thing!

You can find Nikki on Instagram, Facebook, and on her Love Your Mom Life podcast.

And her new book, “But Definitely Wear Mascara,” will be available on Amazon next week – we’ll update with a link right here once it’s available.

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