The Stepmom Summit Speakers Series Continues!

In this episode, we’re going deep with Dr. Erin Careless on what it means to set some boundaries and “step back.” We also talk about stepmom resources and why it’s so important to look for tools that are evidence and research-backed.

Erin is one of the experts speaking at this year’s Stepmom Summit and is the Chair of Stepfamily Magazine’s Advisory Board. Erin became a stepmom when she met her partner Matt in 2014. That same year, she became a Certified Stepfamily Coach and founded Steplife as a way to share her experiences and provide support to other women navigating stepfamily life. Erin is also a Director of Adult Education, so her coaching is informed by adult learning principles and strategies such as reflection and critical thinking.

Erin and Matt married in 2015, and in addition to her stepkids Oliver and Waverleigh, they are parents to Grace and Finn. Erin’s PhD research is on stepmothering, and it is her passion to empower stepmoms to find the role in their family that works for them.

Mentioned In This Episode

The Stepmom Summit will happen August 25 – 27. If you haven’t grabbed your FREE ticket, head HERE and sign up!

You can find Erin at Steplife

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