Always a student!

In the course of my stepmom coaching experience, and as the co-founder of Stepmom Summit and the co-owner/co-Editor In Chief of Stepfamily Magazine, I’ve helped thousands of stepmoms find peace with their journey. And what I’ve learned along the way is that the problems that every stepmom faces really boil down to 7 key issues and responses. And if stepmoms understand these issues, they can deal with literally anything that comes up in stepmom life.

So I brought it all together into the BLENDED Family Formula. Whether you’re dealing with high conflict ex issues – which so many stepmoms are – or a spouse that isn’t supporting you. Or kids that are causing problems. Maybe you’re feeling alone and like there isn’t a place in the family for you. Or you’re just feeling stressed and overwhelmed – the BLENDED Family Formula can help you address it.

And for the first time in a year, I’ve opened the doors to my BLENDED Family Formula course to the public. The course is only open for a few more days, but if you’re a struggling stepmom, you need this episode. Because I’m giving you a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes look into the course.

You can sign up for the BLENDED Family Formula course HERE.

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