How To Use Your Personality Style To Communicate Better

We have a special treat in this episode: we’re talking to Karen Bemmes, a certified DISC behavior system expert. And she’s offering a special bonus for my BLENDED Family Formula students (reminder that doors open next week!) [in the meantime, you can sign up for my FREE stepmom Masterclass on April 5 and 6 HERE]

Who is Karen?

Nearly 30 years ago, Karen Bemmes sat straight up in bed while reading a book called Positive Personality Profiles.  She looked at her husband and said, “I understand Lisa for the first time in my life.” You see, Lisa is her sister-in-law, who she never quite “clicked” with. Because of that book, she did, and they’ve stayed close for 30+ years. Since then, she has used the DISC behavior system she learned about in that book to improve every area of her life, which inspired her to get certified to teach about DISC and now helps other professional women improve their personal and professional life while making it all feel simple, easy and natural. Karen even makes housekeeping and organization easier with the Whole Home Reset program, where she takes something she used to hate and makes it easy and quick so you can get your home in order and get to the fun stuff faster.  You can learn about all the ways DISC can help you on her website, Moving Toward Better.

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