From Beauty Queen To Stepmom Coach . . .

Welcome to Supersized August! Where you’ll get TWO episodes a week in the leadup to The Stepmom Summit August 26 – 28th.

I mentioned the summit to you last week, but I cofounded it with Beth McDonough of The Inclusive Stepmom and we have got an incredible lineup of 23 the world’s top experts on all issues affecting stepmoms. High conflict exes, self-care, boundaries, outsider syndrome. You name it, we’ve got the experts talking about it.

You can get on the waitlist HERE – which is also where you can register once registration opens up. You will NOT want to miss it!

In today’s episode, we chat with one of our Stepmom Summit speakers, Kimberly King, about her experience in a multi-cultural stepfamily and how she’s dealt with the challenges of blended family life while living in a foreign country.

Born + raised in Southern California to immigrant parents, Kimberly is a Certified Stepfamily Coach, using her knowledge and personal experiences to help blended families navigate their way toward a peaceful and happy home.

As a biracial woman in an interracial and multicultural marriage and family, the former beauty queen turned chef and stepfamily coach is a wealth of knowledge. When she’s not helping stepfamilies, you can find her in the kitchen cooking up delightful dishes or doting on her adorable 2 year old.

The Kings have recently traded city life for island life with a move from Los Angeles to Jamaica. Kimberly knows what it’s like to have all the odds stacked against you in a blended family.

Connect With Kimberly:

Instagram @honestly.mum

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