Have you ever been with a friend or loved one and had them say something totally cringe-worthy to you about being a stepmom?

I’m not talking about the kid who screams, “You’re not my mom!” in anger. Or the bio mom who might make a nasty comment.

Trust me, those things happen. But I’m talking about the things that are said by family and friends. Things that they don’t intend to be hurtful.

Most of the time, they are trying to be supportive and help you and would probably be surprised to know that they may have just hurt your feelings.

Things like:

  • You know what you were getting into; what did you expect?
  • You got an instant family!
  • It must be hard for their mom.
  • It’s your fault things aren’t working.
  • They’re not your kids.
  • You’d understand if you had your own kids.

How do you respond when you’re hit with one of these? You don’t want friends and family to feel like they’ve got to walk on eggshells around you. But you want them to support you.

It can be hard to respond when someone says one of these really awkward things to you. it took me some time to learn how to hold my tongue and give the diplomatic response.

I’m going to give you some great responses so that you’re prepared next time an awkward comment comes your way.

If you can use these responses as a way to be diplomatic and keep the peace, while giving your friends and family a new perspective on your experience, you won’t regret it.

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