It’s Okay To Ask For Help – And Here’s How

As a stepmom, you may feel like you should know how to do this job. No, girl, no. There are so many different and unique challenges that every stepmom deals with. It is totally okay to need help. And you should feel comfortable asking for it!

But where do you look for good advice or tools to help you deal with all the things? In this episode, I’m going to walk you through all kinds of resources that are available out there for stepmoms. You won’t want to miss this!

Resources Mentioned In The Episode: 

  • Websites geared towards stepmoms:
  • Books and workbooks I have found helpful:
    • I mentioned a number of books in this episode and you can find them all HERE.
  • The BLENDED Family Formula For Stepmom Success
    • This is my signature course. It’s an intensive six-week program featuring live classes, interactive discussions and assignments. And at the end of the six weeks, you’ll see a definitive difference in your stepmom life!)
    • Course registration is currently closed but will open back up very soon and you can get on the waitlist HERE.

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