Yes, There IS A Formula To Love Your Blended Family Life

Do you ever wish there was a formula for being a stepmom? Steps you could follow that would help you succeed? Guess what? There is! And that’s what we are talking about today in this bonus episode!

When I became a stepmom, I looked for the right resources. But nothing out there really spoke to my personal situation.

So I started doing research. And learning. And realizing I had already made a pretty good amount of mistakes. So I sat down to try to figure out what exactly I had done wrong and what I should have done differently.

And out of that, the BLENDED Family Formula was born. When I started pulling together all the elements, I realized there were seven areas that if I could get a handle on, would make all the difference in my stepmom journey.

And you know what? It did.

It’s not a silver-bullet solution because, let’s face it, that doesn’t exist. BUT. If you can get an understanding of these seven areas of blended family life, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to take on whatever your stepfamily throws at you.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

Don’t forget . . . The doors to the The BLENDED Family Formula Course are now OPEN! You can learn more and join HERE.

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