Today’s guest is truly “radical.” If you haven’t listened to her podcast, you’ve probably seen her relatable, raw, and often funny stepmom posts on Instagram. It’s a delight to get to chat with Christina Nelson of Radical Stepmoms about all the things.

And Christina gives us a preview of her talk at the Stepmom Summit, the free 3-day event I host for stepmoms, which is THIS WEEK! If you haven’t heard me talk about the summit, it’s a live, online (did I mention free?) event for stepmoms. We’ve got 25 of the world’s top experts in stepfamily issues talking about all. the. things. You’ll walk away with actionable tips and advice that will help your stepmom life – today. Grab your free spot HERE.

About Christina:

Christina Nelson is a clinical social worker and therapist in Seattle, Washington. As a stepmom, mom and wife, she created the Radical Stepmoms Podcast and is committed to sharing the raw stepmom experience, letting others know they aren’t alone. Christina creates a space to support stepmoms and their partners, assisting them in getting unstuck and building the love and life they desire.

You can find her:

On Instagram: @radicalstepmomspodcast

On her website:

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