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Welcome to The Stepmom Diaries! The podcast that keeps it real with conversations about blended families, relationships, personal development, and much more. With expert advice and down-home discussions, my goal is to inspire you to live into your best blended family life.

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Episodes and Show Notes

“Much Needed Podcast!”

I’m so glad someone is finally talking about and supporting blended families. Cameron really gets it and does a good job supporting stepmoms like me. I can’t wait for more episodes!


“What an amazing resource for Stepmoms!”

Cameron’s personal experience has led to great advice for all sorts of frustrating situations: with kids, your spouse, the exes… even how to get better support from friends and family.


“So many women need this podcast!”

Cameron is so genuine, real and authentic about her stepmom journey and the challenges all stepmoms face. I love that she’s talking about All. The. Things. She brings an awareness to stepmotherhood and a sense of community that stepmoms feel seen and supported in. An absolute must listen if you’re a stepmom!


“Right on Target”

Cameron Normand hits a bullseye with her podcast for blended families. My new favorite podcast!


“Genuine, Relatable & So Helpful!!”

I love Cameron’s relatable stories from her own Stepmom journey and her authenticity in sharing what it’s like and how to thrive as a Stepmom. She instantly feels like a friend who is in your corner cheering you on. If you’re a Stepmom looking for support, encouragement and practical tips, you have to check out The Stepmom Diaries!


“A Great Fresh & Positive Resource For Blended Families”

Wow! Cameron had me in the intro. I’m from a blended family and got so many great nuggets. It’s nice to hear from the perspective a stepmom. I could hear her heart and feel her experience. Stepmoms, you’re going to love this podcast!


Meet your Host(ess)!

Hi, I’m Cameron Normand, also known to my four stepchildren as “Cammy G.” I’m a second wife, a certified stepmom coach, and a business owner. (More about me here.)

I love my stepfamily more than words can say, but when I became a stepmom I was totally unprepared for all of the challenges of blended family life. I underestimated how overwhelmed and alone I would feel at times.

Through This Custom Life, I’ve helped thousands of stepmoms who have felt just like I did… and I want to help you, too. I launched The Stepmom Diaries to be a place where we can chat about all the stepmom things⁠—even the things we may not want to say out loud! Let’s get real about our challenges and feelings, so that we can all live our very best blended family life.

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