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I’m Cameron, a stepmom and a Certified Stepfamily Coach. I’m here to help you decrease stress and find joy in your blended family!

Trust me, when I got married I thought my new instant family would be the stuff of Rockwell paintings. But from holiday dinners gone awry to being the target of kids’ outsized outbursts, plus the challenges of getting along with my husband’s ex… I knew I was marrying someone with kids, but I was totally unprepared for the complicated blended family dynamics.

As a Certified Stepfamily Coach—and as a stepmom who made many mistakes—I developed a formula for stepmom success that really works. You don’t have to be miserable! Learn how to get through the day without tears, and then how to truly love your stepmom life.

My BLENDED Family Formula will help you build the confidence and skills to achieve your very own happily ever after. I offer online courses, group and one-on-one coaching, plus tools and resources to help you succeed. Stepmom with love and patience using my proven methods and dependable support.

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