The 3 Stepmom Lies That Make You Miserable and Keep You From Loving Your Blended Family Life

Uncover the simple tweaks you can make NOW

to love your stepmom life - even if

things seems hopeless.

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


The Major Mindset Shift

That will change the way you approach your role as a stepmom (and let's be honest, we all know it's different from being a mom)

Address objections (anyone can apply this no matter how busy, overwhelmed or stressed you are right now. will show you techniques easy to implement, etc. Get rid of that feeling you're failing a little bit at everything.


The Common Behavior You Might Think Is Helping You

That is actually standing in the way of your best blended family life (and might even make your stepkids hate you)


The Thing You've Been Chasing After Most

Doesn't exist, which means you've been way too hard on yourself and trying to live up to an impossible standard.


A Personal Invitation From Cameron...

Stepmom is one of the hardest roles you'll ever have. I know what you're going through because I've been there, too.

I worked for years to build a great life and career. Then I met the man of my dreams, who came with four kids, one with special needs.

I learned quickly that being a stepmom would be one of the best, and toughest, things I've ever done.

I've made every mistake in the book, and have learned a ton. And I want to help you navigate your own way.

That's why I became a Certified Stepfamily Coach, founded This Custom Life and launched The Stepmom Diaries podcast. To make sure you have the tools and resources for every stage of the stepmom journey.

This Masterclass is the culmination of all that I've learned about how to tackle stepmom challenges and complications.

If you're committed to figuring out how to love your blended family life, I cannot wait to help you get there. I am in this with you.

So join me. Click below and choose the time that works best for you!

See You There!


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