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How can I work with you?

Thanks so much for asking! Please see this page for information on the different ways you can work with me!

How did you get started blogging?

This Custom Life grew out of a desire to help people assemble their own “patchwork” of life experiences. Whether it’s dealing with blended family issues, putting together a weekend trip, or working to advance a career, I hope there will be something here for everyone.

I was a creative writing major in college, but put that aside after law school as I worked to advance my career. I have spent the last 20 years in politics, first on Capitol Hill and then as a lobbyist. I recently had the opportunity to take a few months sabbatical, so I decided what better time to scratch that creative itch and help people at the same time!

I grew up in the south and I love to connect people. I introduce new friends to my other friends because I want the people in my life to all know each other. And whether a friend or coworker is looking for a repairman or a realtor or a hair salon, I’m always quick with the names of businesses and services I’ve had great experiences with. Books, recipes, great deals, travel tips – whatever the topic is, I love to share experiences and recommendations to the people I know.

What is your privacy policy?

You can find my privacy policy here. Also, you can click on “legal stuff,” at the bottom of the screen.

Contact Me:

Please feel free to write to me. I love getting emails from readers!