It’s been a hot minute since I posted a gift guide. And y’all know there are few things I enjoy more than finding great presents for the people in my life. But one of the hardest things for me to do is figure out what to put on MY gift list when family asks what I want for birthday or Christmas.

Now that I’m 40-ahem years old, it’s hard to come up with what to tell my husband or my parents to get me when they ask for suggestions. For most of the year, if I want something I get it. Or I save up and get it. Or I don’t because I’m just too darn busy to get things for myself and am more focused on getting stuff for the kids and for our home.

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But truly, I’m so very blessed to have most of what I want in life that there’s not much I “need.” A wonderful family, a great job (several, now, thanks to this!), and my health. I’ve got it all.

But oh, coming up with gift ideas!! It can be hard to think about the things that YOU want. Not that you need for your kitchen, or want to use for work. Something fun. And just for you.

Gifts For Women Over 40

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So I’ve channeled my challenges into coming up with gift ideas for women like me. From the absurd to the practical and beyond!

A few of the things on this list do go in your kitchen and office – but they’re not run of the mill. They’re so extra (as our teens say). So if you, too, freeze when asked to make a list of what you want, this should give you some things to add to YOUR wish list.

Unique and Personal Gifts For Women

These presents are out-of-the-box gifts that will make the recipient wonder when you got so thoughtful.

Subscription Boxes

These really are the gift that keeps on giving. FabFitFun delivers a variety of high dollar gifts once a quarter. The cost is $49.99 each quarter. The box I received in the fall was valued at over $260.

I started my subscription last spring and have really enjoyed it. It’s like my birthday every time I get a box! In addition to the great values that arrive with each box, FabFitFun offers regular discounts on other products. Is anything in these boxes stuff you need? No, but it’s stuff that will make you smile!

Celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe also has a subscription box service, called Box of Style. I haven’t tried it but if anyone knows style, it’s Rachel Zoe. The fall Box of Style included over $500 of luxe products for $99. To include a super fun leather crossbody bag, a great necklace, and lipgloss.

Thank You Notes

handwritten letter

Getting married or having a baby? A gift certificate for thank you notes is a great gift!

Okay,  hear me out here, I know it sounds weird. Aren’t thank you notes for after the gift? Not so fast. This Custom Thanks (our sister company) will handwrite thank you notes for any occasion. You type it, they write it. It’s easy and guarantees your loved ones will get thanked for their thoughtful gifts. So if you’re getting married or having a baby – ask for thank you notes as a gift!!

A Personalized Self-Care Basket

Now that I’m officially middle-aged, I try to remember that I need to take care of myself. No more late work nights, constant travel, am I right? Not so fast. My schedule and work hours aren’t likely to change, but I can pay more attention to taking care of myself.

So how about putting together a little “self-care” basket with some of these items? They’re all on Amazon. Whether it’s for you or someone else, relaxation is a wonderful gift!


Gifts For Women Under $1,000

If you’re going to write your own thank you notes, why not do it with a classic pen with an edge? Montblanc’s Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Ballpoint Pen gives you just that.

montblanc pen

This Dyson Airwave is definitely the most expensive curling iron I’ve ever seen. It’s a ridiculous gift, truly. But I’m still so curious to try it! dyson curling ironAlong the lines of “fabulously frivolous,” how about this cheeky Moschino check clutch purse? ClutchOr for a more classic bag, a Gucci Petite Marmont Wallet on a chain – tuck the chain in and boom, you’ve got a clutch. Timeless!Gucci Clutch David Yurman is always a classic. and the brand has a lot of different price points under $1,000. silver and diamond earringsIf you’re wondering who would spend $500+ on a blender, you’ve never used the Vitamix. It blends the smoothest of smoothies – no chunks of ice or fruit. It also makes soup. Soup that’s so warm from the fast blend that you don’t need to heat it after you make it. I don’t think anyone would complain about receiving this. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Is this some kind of super creepy Halloween mask for rich people, right? Well, maybe. But seriously, LED technology is the next big thing in skin treatment and this LED home therapy mask asserts that 10 minutes a day will give you younger and healthier-looking skin.

Gifts For Women Under $500

dyptique candleDyptique Candle – this isn’t your usual Dyptique candle. This is a supersized three wick version. It’s pricey, but perfect for a kitchen or sunroom and will last a long time.

Want to come home after work and have a glass of great wine, but worried about letting it go bad because you aren’t going to finish the bottle?

Enter the Coravin. It lets you drink a glass out of a bottle without opening the whole bottle. Genius! We got one of these as a wedding gift and I can’t even tell you how awesome it is.

If you’re building your home gym, why not set up an elliptical?  I’ve always found this is the one machine at the gym that always kicks my butt. In a good way.


I love this retro mini-fridge for an office. It fits under your desk and is so much more fun than a boring old fridge, right?

What a great feeling to get out of the shower and slip into a super comfortable robe. Well, this cashmere bathrobe from Bedhead (who makes super comfy pajamas, too – just saying) takes comfort to a new level. This would be an amazing addition to my (oh, I mean, your) wardrobe.


Do you travel a lot? If so, noise-canceling headphones are a must. And if you want to splurge, all the cool kids have Beats. I love this sassy blue color!

Gifts For Women Under $200Bose speaker sunglasses

Okay, I think these Bose sunglasses are seriously the coolest. I don’t have them, but I’ve tried them on and the sound is absolutely amazing. If you love music and are outside a good amount, these are super fun.


If you have a brown thumb like me, the Aerogarden is pretty much foolproof. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the plants grow – and how little you have to do to make it happen. It’s even got wifi!



Feel like getting fancy with your coffee at home? There’s nothing fancier than using this Waterford cream and sugar set. This is another wedding gift we received and I think the pair is so elegant!





If you’re from the south, especially Texas, chances are you’re familiar with the black and white checkered patterns of Mackenzie-Childs. I have several kitchen accessories and the checkers pattern brightens up any room it’s in.

I love this cake stand that could be used for cakes, other desserts, or to just put a pile of fruit on.

And this teapot is truly cheerful!

Next time you want to entertain, roll out this cute mid-century bar cart. Or keep it out all the time!
pave diamond initial necklace

If jewelry is more your speed, how about an 18k gold and pave diamond initial necklace?




If you’re a true coffee addict and are particular about the temperature of your beans, here’s a fun high-tech addition to your kitchen collection. The Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug will keep your coffee at your specified temperature all day long. You can even control it from your phone!

Do you have a million photos on your phone or computer and the thought of organizing them is totally overwhelming? Yeah, me too.

The Fotofami Memories Smart Photo Drive is an amazing tool to get your photos under control.

Gifts For Women Under $100

An Organizer

Organizers are pretty personal gifts, but these are easily the best I’ve seen. And will excite even the most fastidious organizers. notebook organizer

Russell and Hazel’s organizers are small-ish three-ring notebooks, which means you can change up the pages as often as you’d like. Erin Condren organizers are spiral but laid out in a bright, easy to use way. Erin Condren has just come out with a notebook-style planner – it’s the size of a regular notebook, so it’s larger than the Russel and Hazel binder but is another great option if you want to be able to change up the pages on the regular.

desk set


Russell and Hazel also makes super cute desk sets and accessories if you want to really feel organized!

Kate Spade has a whole store on Amazon filled with cheery gift ideas. Whether you love the peppy kitchen accessories (could this toaster GET any cuter?), the desk supplies, the bathroom accessories or the classic preppy dinnerware, there are a ton of gift options.

If you love music, here’s Victrola’s updated take on the record player. How cool would this look on your wall?

Are you a reader? I know I can read on my phone and computer, but I still love my Amazon Kindle e-reader. It’s great for reading outside. And because you aren’t on your phone or iPad, you can minimize distractions and really enjoy that book! And if you want a coffee machine upgrade, can I suggest the Nespresso? When Craig and I were registering at Sur La Table, the manager raved about how awesome Nespresso coffee was.

She made a cup for us in-store and we were so sold that the machine went home with us instead of on our registry! There are lots of different models to choose from and Amazon is even offering one for under $100.


Girlfriend Gifts Under $50


Believe it or not, this sweater is way under $50! And with colder temps looming, who wouldn’t want something so snuggly to wear while sipping coffee in front of a fire?



Is your office temperature totally unreliable? Here’s a super cute “millennial pink” fan that will keep you cool during those weird shoulder seasons when the building can’t seem to get the thermostat straight.

brown leather tote


If Gucci isn’t in the budget, you can still look street-chic with this faux leather reversible tote. It even comes with a cute wristlet to give you more options and keep you organized!


This breakfast muffin maker is seriously one of the best kitchen gadgets I’ve ever bought. And trust me, I know from kitchen gadgets! I have recommended it to anyone who’ll listen. And our kids love it, too. You can make breakfast muffins that rival McDonald’s. For real.


This wireless retro radio looks old-school but has lots of modern features. It’s portable with Bluetooth, so you can make hands free calls and even use Alexa. If you have any suggestions or ideas for other great gifts for women in the 40+ club, please comment below or send them to me at 

Happy Shopping!!