Why You Need Mindfulness Now And How To Get It

Our guest today is Magriet Steyn and she’s talking all about how to clear your mind and change your outlook through mindfulness.

Stepmom life can be rough – on a daily basis sometimes. And it’s all too easy to “catastrophize.” (Don’t know what that term is? Neither did I before today’s talk!)

Magriet helps guide stepmoms to a more peaceful outlook and positive mindset through meditation and self-care.

Magriet is the founder of Stepfamily Harmony and Mindful Stepmums. She’s a professional Life Coach, Certified Stepparent Coach, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. As a stepmom to two adult stepchildren, a bio mom to two teens, and a coparent with two ex-husbands, she understands the complexities and challenges surrounding stepfamily life. Magriet helps stepmoms move from overwhelm to ease through a combination of coaching techniques and mindfulness practices.

You will not want to miss this discussion!

You can find Magriet at stepfamilyharmony.com and you can connect with her on Pinterest.

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