The Business of Blogging

I get a lot of questions about the tools I use for This Custom Life, so I’d like to share them with you!

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This blog is using the Avada theme. I had a great web designer who set this all up and made it easy for me to post and update. If you’re looking to set up a website, I highly recommend her! Click here to check out her site.

Web-hosting platform

Siteground – Siteground has been a great partner in making sure my site is running smoothly and securely.


ConvertKit – I was super scared to start a newsletter and waited until I had been blogging for about six months. I wish I had started earlier! ConvertKit made it easy to set up my email list so I can stay in touch with my readers.


I try to use a lot of my own photos, especially when I travel. I love photography and have a fairly decent eye for a good shot. But when I can’t get that perfect photo, I use stock images from Depositphotos.

Social Media

Let’s be honest, social media takes a ton of time. And I have several full-time jobs already! So I schedule a large majority of my posts ahead of time. Tailwind has been hands down the most valuable tool I’ve used. It’s helped me get more views and followers on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.


I have used my iPhone X for many of the blog photos – it’s amazing the quality you can get from an iPhone!

I do have a digital SLR: the Canon EOS 60D. A more current version is the Canon 80D – it is a lot of camera, but if it’s anything like the previous version that I won, it will do all you need and much, much more. If you’re looking to start with a high quality, but not all-the-way professional SLR, ‘starter’ SLR was the Canon Rebel. I used that camera for some phenomenal photographs for several years before upgrading.


Blogging is not easy. There is a lot involved and it’s way more than just writing a post you hope people will be interested in reading. Trying to get your blog out to readers is very involved – and not necessarily intuitive.

That being said, it’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. I have had a number of really great instructors along the way (and I continue to learn every single day!).

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, please check back here – I’ll update this list with the courses and instructors that have really helped me!