What is This Custom Life, anyway?

How often do you look back and think to yourself that six months, or even a year ago, you couldn’t have imagined what your life looks like today?

Life is crazy sometimes. It’s beautiful other times. And every so often, it’s about just trying to make it through the day. Whatever your life looks like, it’s always yours. It’s not one size fits all. Various solutions and experiences resonate differently for everyone.

Over the course of our lives, we each form our own unique journey as we assemble a patchwork of experiences. From the difficult to the sublime, we weave together these layers to form This Custom Life. My goal with all of this is to inspire and to inform, and to have fun, on topics like parenting, careers, and entertaining to help you build your best life.

Each year around the holidays I look forward to Oprah’s Favorite Things list to get ideas about what to ask for for Christmas. This year it struck me that I had absolutely no need for most of the stuff on her list. Yes, there are some fun things there. And that’s fine. Anyone who knows me knows I do love my “stuff” – and by “stuff,” I mainly mean bags and shoes. We’ve all got a weakness, okay?

There are a million companies out there trying to sell you stuff that celebrities use or endorse. [okay, we do love our Nespresso, but I’d like to think it’s not just because George Clooney is selling it] But some cool celebrity pushing the latest and greatest cool product shouldn’t automatically translate into your wants and needs.

It’s easy to fall into that trap, but at the end of the day will those things make us better – or happier – or more fulfilled? It’s not that life can’t also have fun moments or fun “stuff.” Don’t worry, this will not be another blog about getting rid of all your stuff or trying not to want that nice piece of jewelry or well-appointed home.

It’s more that as we are bombarded with the daily barrage of “buy this,” “watch that,” how can we make sure we are building our life based on more than just the “stuff” we are told we should want.

Perhaps we should base it on taking the time to live well, to breathe, to focus on our family, and to create a life that is meaningful for us. That’s what I hope to help people do here.

In short, This Custom Life is a place to help you build your best family, home, and work life.

How am I at all qualified to help you with any of this? Well, I’ve given you a bit of my background. I’m just like most women. I try every day to balance (I know, I hate that word, too!) my career while trying to create a beautiful home and a full life.

I’ve always been a “connector,” sharing things with friends and coworkers to help them with a goal, project or service. It makes me so happy when I hear that one of my recommendations has made even a small difference in someone’s life. So I thought why not try to use my background and experiences to help more people?  As we all strive to build our best lives, couldn’t each of us use a little help getting there?

I truly hope that by sharing my experiences here, it will help you build your own Custom Life.