Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in Four Simple Steps

When was the last time you accomplished all of your New Year's resolutions? Be honest here. For me, it has been a rarity. Here are four easy ways you can tackle your goals this year.

First Days Over Forty

First days are scary. Whether it’s a first day of school when you’re young, a first day at your first job out of school, or the first time you walk into a party where you know no one. Or maybe it’s the first day you post a piece to your brand-new blog when you’re embarking on a new adventure in your ‘ahem’ forties.

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How to Give Back With Your Kids

Kids are already hardwired to be and to do good, but the adults in their lives must nurture these instincts. And it’s never too early! If kids grow up seeing volunteer work as a normal part of adult life, they’ll be more likely to take it on willingly and consistently.

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